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Customer Testimonials

"I've had four years of training.  I STILL learned so much!  Thanks for that.  I especially appreciated learning about resolutions, Audacity and Firefox Downloader.  I liked understanding the options for saving sound, movies, etc."
"Very in-depth.  LOTS of ideas and wonderful explanations of how to use the SMART Board."

"This workshop was very user friendly, clear, interactive and realistic."
"Greg was very patient in explaining how to use the software!  Very informative and he talked/shared what worked for him and what has not worked."
"Very informative, knowledgeable, helpful presenter.  He was thorough and listened to concerns/questions and responded."
"Patient, calm direct explanations at excellent pace with LOTS of unexpected time allowed for questions."
"Greg Mentzer took time to answer questions and was able to adjust teaching style to different levels.  I liked the handouts and the board demonstrations."
"Greg Mentzer was wonderful.  It was a very engaging class.  I personally learned so much from this."
"Mr. Mentzer demonstrated exactly how to use each tool.  He was awesome at going slowly so we could understand each option of the SMART Board."
"Very engaging instructor.  Always welcomed questions from the class.  Was willing to listen and get back with an answer."
"We got so much information!  Greg Mentzer really knows his stuff.  He was very interesting, kept people on point and had very good examples."
"The presenter had lots of energy and wanted to make sure that everyone understood the information."
"Greg Mentzer was humble, organized, and knowledgeable."
"Mr. Mentzer was very knowledgeable of all the applications of the SMART Board.  His thoughtful presentation included some time to think about how it would be applied to our classrooms."
"Trainer is excellent.  Made it easy to understand.  I can USE the material I learned!"
"Thank you...you were dynamite.  My folks got a great deal out of it...they can't wait to get you back in here."

"Greg was a very good presenter.  He was clear and knowledgeable and I learned a lot!"

"Very helpful and useful...I will be practicing these skills this weekend.  I have been wanting to add video and sound and now I know how"
"Great content, helpful examples and demonstrations" 

"Fabulous...could stay here all day!"
"Really taught us everything he listed"

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